• 13th June 2005 - By greg

    June 13

    June 13, 2005

    Pantour Suspension Hubs for the Rocket and new 155mm cranks from Mark Stonich

    I installed my new Pantour suspension hubs the other day – what a SMOOTH RIDE! Very soft and comfy – definately takes the edge off. I found the Pantour hubs improved the ride quality in two ways; first they greatly softened the ride over flat but rough pavement. The non-suspended Rocket efficiently transferred most of the constant rumble vibration while rolling over anything but the smoothest, newest pavement. Now, even the roughest chip-seal feels like a smooth concrete floor. The second quality improvement was no sudden, bone jarring BANG as the Rocket rolled over cranks, bumps, rumble strips, etc. in the road. Those shocking slams feel like soft, cushy bumps now.

    The rear Pantour wheels fit onto my rear struts with some minor modification to the wheel fairings. The front pantour drive wheel was a bit more work, and I am having some problems with the front wheel flexing laterally due to the Pantour hub. Morton from Pantour has been and continues to be very helpful – the exciting details follow:

    1. Here is my new 155 mm crank/chain ring set from Mark Stonich from BikeSmith Design. It’s a 700 mm crank arm that was cut down, redrilled and tapped.Notice all the rust forming on the frame now – I REALLY need to get this frame powder coated!!!
    2. This is the rear Pantour hub. I decided to leave the rear disc brakes OFF because installing and removing the rear wheel fairings with the disc brake was a TOTAL PAIN! Now I can use the disc brake hanger to hold the wheel fairings tightly in place. Since most of the weight is over the front wheel, the caliper brake on the front wheel works very well – It would probably be prudent to add a second redundant caliper brake onto the front wheel.
    3. The front hub required some modification. Since my dropouts are not standard (the axle drops in from the top rather than the bottom), I needed to make some minor changes to the hub.This photos shows the drive side. The wheel was flexing quite a bit from side to side due to the lean-steer induced, greater than normal side loads. The pivot arms on the Pantour hub were allowing the wheel to lean laterally, so I decided to fasten the pivots to the frame. (Not shown in this photo)
    4. This is the non-drive side
    4. I fabricated two brackets that I welded to the Pantour pivots. These brackets (one on each side), are then bolted to the frame.
    5. This shows the drive side bracket bolted to the frame
    6. This is a non-drive side bracket holding the pivot secure.
    7. Top view drive side

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