• 2nd April 2005 - By greg

    Aug 2

    August 2, 2005

    Backroads bike trip through Switzerland

    Back now – absolutely fantastic trip! It was a Backroads family adventure trip that combined hiking, biking, and some various other forms of excitement into an action packed week touring through the Swiss alps.

    Here are some of the choice photos of the trip. Click to see a larger version:

    Towns and houses everywhere! Cows grazing at 7000 feet. Jungfrau and Iger mountains in the background.
    Swiss architecture
    Zurich Zurich
    All of the lakes in the Bernice Oberland area are glacier fed and aqua colored. Glaciers Hotel and restaurant at 9000 feet
    A long hike down to Grindlewald at the bottom Bike racks and bikes everywhere in Switzerland One of our hotels
    Swiss villages everywhere Human powered boat
    A TWIKE!!! Human powered vehicle with electric assist
    We went parasailing!! What a thrill. This is me getting ready for takeoff Krista took her camera up with her.
    This is a typical bike path – a narrow paved road that wanders tightly between homes. You can take a bike path ANYWHERE you need to go!! On top of mount Pillatus

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