• 25th July 2002 - By greg

    July 25, 2002 update

    Just got back from a fantastic but exhausting 3 day get-away. With both kids away for the week at summer camp, Helen and I took advantage of the freedom and celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary with a bit of a working holiday (a working-out holiday). I hooked up the Bob-Trailer to my tri-tike and on Monday, we cycled 120km to the Rimrock Hotel in Banff. Then on Tuesday we enjoyed a 30km trail run in the mountains. The training vacation ended on Wednesday after a sweltering hot 5-hour cycle back to Calgary.

    But, as the local couriers and those who enjoy the mid-day meal from a lunch truck say, “No rest for the wicked eh?” After my only ‘real’ rest day this week (an hour long swim this morning), my evil coach Steve has me doing a 2-hour bike ride followed with a 45-minute run brick on Friday then another (frigging) 5-hour bike followed with a 1-hour run brick on Sunday. I swim for an hour on Saturday. Helen is trying to convince me to switch to her training program. She thinks a brisk, 20 minute power-walk can do as much good as a exhausting 5-hour bike ride. Steve, you’re fired. I have a new, much nicer coach. Plus, she’s a whole lot prettier.

    Greg, Tri-bike, Bob-trailer and gear at the Rimrock Hotel in Banff

    No, that’s not a full case of Heineken Beer – just the box.

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