• 17th July 2002 - By greg

    July 17, 2002 update

    Ironman Canada is only 5 very long (and by that I mean very short) weeks away. I am now deep into the HEAVIEST portion of my training. If this universe’s laws of physics were completely different, and if my training over the last week could be measured by weighing it, I am confident that it would surely weigh quite a bit. Probably even a whole lot.

    My ass is becoming intimately familiar with my bike seat and the chair beside my mom’s hospital bed – thus the reason for my lack of regular updates.

    I have learned that the trick to getting through these long training days is to devise adventurous and interesting venues for my efforts.

    Like Tuesday’s long brick – I strapped the bike onto my car and drove out to Kananaskis Mountain Park. I cycled to the top of the highest paved road in Canada – the Highwood pass at 7300 feet above sea level (or about 278,000 feet below where space starts). The 5-hour training ride amounted to a 1500 foot climb up, then down the other side to the gas station for drinks, then 2300 feet back up. Flying back down, I reached a top speed of 78 km/hr!

    I had packed my running shoes and a jug of water in the car so I finished the day with a snappy 60 minute run dodging mountain goats.

    The most grueling challenge of the day was trying to keep my eyes open for the 70-minute arduous drive home.

    I’ll finish this update with some good news – I have raised 5600 clams (converts to $5600 Canadian dollars using today’s conversion rate) for Team Diabetes! I wish to extend a great big huge “thanks man!” to all those who supported me!

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