• 25th June 2002 - By greg

    June 25

    Bike Run Swim Total
    Today 2.25 0 .75 3
    Total to Date 8.75 4.75 3.25 16.75

    Training distances in HOURS (if that makes any sense?)
    Since training for Ironman Canada started on June 18.
    hey, at least it’s not training distances in Pounds or Degrees Kelvin or something

    June 25, 2002

    It was a fantastic training day today! I swam for 45 minutes in Arbor lake, then enjoyed an invigorating 2 hour bike ride home. I passed over rolling country hills, by idle farm animals munching on oats and grass, through a picturesque small town and under 7 thundering 3200 horsepower Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk military helicopters. What a day!

    President George Bush was 1500 feet directly above me today in “Marine One”, his personal Blackhawk helicopter. The convoy of Blackhawks chauffeured the president and entourage from the Calgary International Airport to the G8 summit in Kananaskis. The world leader’s flight corridor happened to intersect perfectly with my cycling route today near Cochrane. Coincidence? I think not!

    I waved and I’m pretty sure he waved back.

    Security was HUGE. There was a police or RCMP cruiser stationed at every single intersection along the route keeping vehicles moving along. I guess it’s more difficult to calibrate a rocket launcher when your vehicle is moving.

    And I think I got a protester stuck in my chain. I just hate it when that happens. Calgary has been preparing itself for violent G8 protests, but I have yet to even see a protestor. However, as I write this in my downtown Calgary office, I can hear the steady rumble of helicopters overhead. There’s supposed to be a big protesters march through downtown today – I guess it’s happening now. I doubt Calgary will see much violence though.

    Beautiful weather today as well – near 30 degrees. I need to start making these longer training days more interesting and stimulating. Like today. No more same-old routes. I’m going to branch out and explore a little to keep things fresh and new – to stay enthusiastic about these long, difficult days. Like change the color of my sunglasses lenses from orange to yellow.

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