• 21st June 2002 - By greg

    June 21

    Bike Run Swim Total
    Today 0 2 .75 2.75
    Total to Date 6.5 3.75 1.5 11.75

    Training distances in HOURS (if that makes any sense?)
    Since training for Ironman Canada started on June 18.
    hey, at least it’s not training distances in Pounds or Degrees Kelvin or something

    June 21, 2002

    $5125 and growing. Very cool.

    My body is turning into a fine-tuned machine, instantly responding to subtle training changes. Like lazing around and drinking beer all last week. My body quickly responded and adapted to that environment and is now resisting change in a huge way! I think I might be genetically predisposed to sitting around and drinking beer in fact. This exercise stuff is just way to hard.

    It was sometime around my second hour of running today after 45 minutes of swimming that my body just said – “ok, I’m done. Stop time now”. I wasn’t sore anywhere, my blood sugar was up because I had some gels with me, it was a gorgeous sunny day, and I was listening to my favorite music (Backstreet Boys of course) NOT!!! But my body was screaming for me to just stop and lie down. And it probably wanted a beer, but it was only 10:00 in the morning so I wasn’t about to let that happen.

    So I thought to myself: (by the way, this is something that I became very good at doing when I was just an infant – “thinking to myself”. I’ve recently been working on “thinking to others” and I must say I have had a bit of success with that as well). Anyhow – I thought to myself: “You are doing Ironman Canada in 8 weeks. Don’t be a baby. If you listen to your body, then it will become a habit and you’ll suck”.

    So I walked home.

    And had a beer.

    Since I don’t have a photo for today, I’m going to repeat the cow from yesterday. Cause everyone loves happy cows.

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