• 20th June 2002 - By greg

    June 20

    Bike Run Swim Total
    Today 3 0 0 0
    Total to Date 6.5 1.75 .75 9

    Training distances in HOURS (if that makes any sense?)
    Since training for Ironman Canada started on June 18.

    June 20, 2002

    $4500 Bucks raised for Diabetes Canada so far!!!!

    Only $2500 remaining to reach my goal of $7000 for Team Diabetes Canada.

    A HUGE THANKS to my friends, family and companies who have helped so far. Your kind assistance is greatly appreciated. http://www.adventuresofgreg.com/Donations.htm

    Happy Greg

    Please forward my email to anyone you think might be interested in making a small tax deductible donation to Team Diabetes. Every little bit counts.

    After an enjoyable week of sitting around, eating everything in sight, and drinking beer, I’m back in serious training mode trying to get ready for Ironman Canada in about 9 weeks.

    My training started on Monday with an hour run, then Tuesday with an hour swim followed with a 3.5 hour bike ride. Wednesday had me doing a tempo run for 45 minutes and I was back on the road bike again today for a 3 hour ride. Tomorrow I’ll swim for a while, then run for 90 minutes. Then Saturday it’s back on the friggin bike again for 2 hours. Sounds like fun hey?

    And it’s only the beginning: I have 9 weeks of training remaining, and each week will get longer up to about 2 weeks before the Ironman when I’ll start tapering down to prepare for the big day.

    My first Ironman was Ironman Florida in November of 2001. I placed right around 50% of my age group. At Ironman Utah (which turned into only a half Ironman distance Duathlon), I placed near the 30th percentile of my age group. My goal for Ironman Canada is to make it to the 25th percentile. It won’t be easy. Ironman Canada is known as one of the toughest iron distance triathlons of them all.

    Skaha lake is known for possible brutal swim conditions. Winds sweeping over the wide lake can whip up swells (hopefully not as bad as Utah) which can provide a challenging start to a very long day.

    The 180 km bike route climbs 2 passes – 1200 foot climb up Richter pass, then another 1200 foot climb up to Yellow Lake. Summer temperatures in the area can wildly fluctuate from freezing and snow to 40 degrees Celsius. Athletes have been treated for heat stroke AND hypothermia on the SAME DAY!

    The plot below shows the Ironman Canada bike route profile (in RED) compared with Ironman Hawaii (in Blue).

    The marathon run takes place during the hottest time of the day and annoyingly routes around any area that looks like it might provide a bit of shade (or so I’ve heard). It get’s dark at around 13 hours into the race, so I really hope to finish during day light.

    This happy cow along my bike route today obviously shares my excitement regarding the fund raising progress

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