• 25th May 2002 - By greg

    May 25, 2002

    Bike Run Swim Total
    Today 0 0 6 6
    Total to Date 659 65 9 733

    distances in km.

    May 25, 2002

    Ouch my elbows!

    I hit a personal record today – I swam 6000 meters, 2 hours, straight out, no stopping (except to pee once).

    And hey – someone at the Idaho Falls Aquatic Center actually READ ABOUT ME! Is that cool or what? This guy asked me about my Aqua Seal goggles and told me he was doing IronMan Utah. I told him I was also doing Utah, and that I was cycling from Montana to Utah for Ironman. Then he said “oh, ya – you’re that guy. I read about you!”.

    Then he wouldn’t stop pestering me for my autograph. Well – not really. Actually he said “ok, I got to go – see you in Utah”.

    I slept for 12 hours last night. My legs feel much better now – I’m actually looking forward to hitting the road again tomorrow morning. I think I’ll put in an hour or two of running tomorrow on my way to Pocatello assuming my ankle holds up.

    I was just doing the math on my miles. According to the rules:

    Rule # 1 – I need to RUN 18% of the total distance, SWIM 2% and CYCLE 80%. Rule # 207.4 – I make the rules, and reserve the right to change them at will.

    It looks like I’m in a bit of a RUN deficit at this point:

    Total Distance = 733 km (100%) Total Cycle = 659 km (89%) 72 km excess Total Run = 65 km (8%) 67 km short Total Swim = 9 km (1.2%) 5.6 km short

    And here’s is my updated schedule:

    Sunday – Idaho Falls to Pocatello Monday – Pocatello to Malad City Tuesday – Malad City to Brigham Young City Wednesday – BY to Salt Lake City Thursday – SLC to Provo (assuming interstate traffic, etc isn’t to crazy!)

    Clean shaven rest day Greg.

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