• 22nd May 2002 - By greg

    May 22, 2002

    Bike Run Swim Total
    Today 78 20 0 98
    Total to Date 429 65 3 497

    distances in km.

    May 22

    I experienced a deep and meaningful moment today. I peed on the continental divide while listening to Enya. Half of it will end up in the Pacific and the other half in the Atlantic. Eventually. Life just doesn’t get any better!

    The ride down the other side was amazing. Check out the sign at the top:

    A solid day. Started at 3 hours past the crack of dawn (8:30 am) and finished 8 hours later at 4:30 pm. I’m pleased to report that I am now solidly back into pretty again – big time. Rolling hills surrounded by mountains – a mix of ranch and farm country. Very nice. And the traffic on my interstate was surprisingly light. It was snowing at the higher altitudes though – and very cold today, but the winter storm warning never materialized. Well, the ‘warning’ materialized, but the actual storm never happened.

    I ran 18 k and it went pretty well. During slight downhill grades I could run on the far right of the road on soft sand and steer the trike with my left hand. That worked well until the trike started moving faster than Greg could run. To slow it down, I steered it into the softer sand. But a couple of times the trike slammed into the guardrail and then I slammed into the trike. It wasn’t nearly as fun as I make it sound.

    I’m in Dillon, Montana – the prettiest city in the state. Nestled against the Tendoy Mountains, Dillon is my last major town before Idaho Falls 230 km away! Luckily, I found a hotel at tomorrow’s destination, Dubois – a huge 150 km day including climbing Monida pass. Yikes! I’ll probably skip my run again tomorrow, as could be facing a 12 hour day cycling only.

    I’m holding up ok – my lower shin (anterior tibia compartment) on my right leg is getting pretty sore. I can’t tell if it’s from the bike or running. I’m icing it though. Also my left glutte is starting is hurt a bit more than usual during long runs. (I have a slight case of sciatica caused from a minor disc bulge in my sacrum area).

    Today I leave you with a VERY special short film that I have been working on in my spare time. I’m thinking of entering it in Cannes film festival. So sit back and relax with your pop corn and favorite beverage. Enjoy – I created this for you.

    Click here to watch the movie!

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