• 340 miles down the Missouri river. Race report.

    It’s zero-dark-thirty at some unknown ungodly hour on Tuesday night somewhere on the Missouri river, some 18 long hours after the race start in Kansas city at 8:00 am earlier that morning. I was doing pretty well – ┬áIn 1st place men’s solos, and 3rd place over-all out of 235 human powered boats. Navigating on [...]

  • Another attempt set for Friday!

    First of all, you have to watch this incredible video shot by Greg Swingley:

    paddle vs peddle part 1 from greg swingley on Vimeo.

    Winter is really hunting us down here in Whitefish. I woke up this morning to an inch of fresh SNOW on the ground. Check out this snap shot of Carter’s skis [...]

  • Bad weather cancels our race

    Well, we got 4 difficult hours in, then decided to cancel and reset for later this week. Here is how the day went down:
    Carter, his girl friend Kristen, my head official and friend Paul, and Helen enjoyed an awesome pasta dinner cooked by Helen on Friday night.
    Helen and I were up at 6:00 am after [...]

  • Record attempt in less than a week!

    Weather: So far, the weather forecast for Saturday, September 28 is marginal at best. But, the long term forecast is predicting a high pressure system building next week, so the chances of finding a calm wind day at some point between Sept 28 and Oct 5th is pretty good I think.
    Here is the site that [...]

  • Pedal vs Paddle race details

    I had a great 8 hour training day on the reservoir on Wednesday using the new gear box shaft and coupler, then another 4 hours on Thursday. No problems at all. I checked the grub screws at the end of the day and they were still tight and locked down. So far, I have amassed [...]

  • 2 big training days coming up

    I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure lately regarding the Pedal Vs. Paddle Showdown race between Carter and I. The 24 hour distance record race has now been moved up to October 4th (on Friday, Oct 4th we start watching for the best weather day over the next 10 days – so the race could [...]

  • Pedal vs. Paddle Showdown

    When I broke Carter Johnson’s 24 hour human powered distance record of 241.94 km a way back in 2008 by mere 3 km, I always thought it would be fun to stage a full-on, knock-em-down, RACE with Carter. A righteous battle pegging legs against arms, pedal versus paddle, old school vs. whizzy bang high tech. [...]

  • A new record attempt!!

    WOW – it has been a long time hey?
    I guess since the advent of Facebook, I’ve been sort of posting more updates on my various projects though that medium. Unfortunately, it’s snippets of info, and what I find I’m missing out on, is the ability to refer back to old projects and re-remember important things. [...]

  • Running the West Coast trail

    I’ve always thought that a person needs to do one thing every year that scares the crap out of them. I’m very happy to have checked that item off my to do list for this year!I just ran the West Coast Trail – solo. Here is my story:
    And here is the VIDEO:

    My day started [...]

  • Running Assiniboine and the West Coast Trail

    I have been really bad about keeping my blog up to date, and I feel like I need to start getting back into a routine of posting regularily. I do enjoy sharing, and I value feedback, and discussion, but for me blogging is a really great way to organize and prioritize my goals. My blog [...]

  • Self-transcendence 24 hour ultra marathon race report

    Self-transcendence 24 hour ultra marathon race report

    The idea to run this crazy race which is around a 400 meter indoor track in Ottawa resulted from the San Francisco One Day ultra being cancelled at the last minute. Helen and I had spend the entire summer training to get ready for for the SF1D. I [...]

  • Northface Endurance Challenge – Washington, DC 50 mile ultra race report

    Northface endurance challenge 50 mile race report:
    My legs are feeling surprisingly good today after running the NF 50 mile ultramarathon yesterday in 8 hours, forty seven minutes. I had an amazing race finishing with a personal best earning me second place in my age group.
    Who would have thought Washington DC had good trails? This race [...]

  • New shop / new me

    Wow – it has been a while hey? And it’s not like I haven’t been busy – just not the kind of busy you would likely be interested in hearing detailed blog posts about. No ocean crossing expeditions, no ultra marathons, no new world record attempts.
    I’ve listed WiTHiN for sale, but I am seriously considering [...]

  • WiTHiN is for SALE

    The Worlds Most Technologically Advanced, Energy Efficient,
    Offshore Capable, Human Powered Boat
    $84,000 (cdn), OBO, or trade considered

    WITHIN was designed by world record-winning naval architect Stuart Bloomfield and human powered boat engineer Rick Willoughby for a world-first expedition to travel 3000 miles across the Pacific ocean, from Victoria, Canada to Hawaii by human [...]

  • I ran 100 miles!

    Well I finally did it! After 3 failed attempts at running 100 miles I was successful at the San Fransisco One Day ultra on Saturday Oct 23 – 24th. It’s unbelievable and completely unexpected and I have no idea how this happened, but I actually tied for 4th overall out of 52 runners [...]

  • Jacked on carbs

    Yeeeee-owza! I’ve just come off of a 7-day fat loading diet and I’m enjoying my first day of a 2-day carb loading period prior to my 24 hour ultramarathon in San Fransisco on Saturday. After my waffles with maple syrup breakfast with a fresh pineapple and toasted bagel with jam for lunch, I can feel [...]

  • Spain bike trip and another ultra

    Helen and I just got back from our longest vacation yet: 21 days.
    Our trip started with the Virgil Crest ultra marathon on Sept 25th. Helen successfully finished the 50 miler and I dropped out of the 100 mile race at about 70 miles due to some bad stomach issues where I resorted to [...]

  • 2010 Virgil Crest 100 mile ultra

    “That’s just not the way we do things around here Greg”.
    This was the response offered to my question: “Why don’t you guys plan more long, flat, ‘runnable’ sections in your race?”
    I was talking to one of the race organizers at an aid station who asked me how I liked the course. His response to my [...]

  • Pedal the Ocean expedition canceled

    PedalTheOcean.com human powered ocean crossing expedition from Canada to Hawaii is canceled.
    When I conceived of this expedition to cross an ocean by human power 4 years ago, it was my goal to demonstrate to the world, the incredible distances a mere human can travel under his/her own power without the assistance of [...]

  • Really great day today! We got an early start this morning ater a calm night at our moorage at Dodd island and headed to Seachart (sp?). Seachart used to be a whaling station and is now a small lodge and staging area for kayaks touring the broken island chain. Then Clive and I headed to [...]